Becoming Dallas Willard

I am listening to this audio book on right now called Becoming Dallas Willard. I have revered Dallas for a long time, but my eyes have really been opened hearing about his life reminiding me what God can do through all of us, including each of you.

Dallas grew up in rural Missouri farm life, losing his mother at a very young age, experiencing a rough relationship with a step-mom, and leaning heavily on his older brother and sister-in-law for support. Like myself, Dallas grew up in a conservative, revivalist, baptist home and church, and went to Tenessee Temple College to receive his Bachelor's degree, but when he was older, he morphed into a mental powerhouse with philosophy studies at the University of Wisconsin and Baylor University. He followed these studies with a fourty (plus) year tenure at the University of Southern California in their philosphy department. Dallas waded through the years of change in the department from a more traditional (continenental) school of thought to the contemporary (analytical) school of thought that was sweeping across the American university campuses. In spite of these changes, he weathered the storms, remained anchored in real philosphy, a simple lifestyle, and most importantly his faith in Jesus Christ. His well-rounded and well-grounded life impacted students and faculty, as well as much of Christ's church in America until his death in 2013.

Dallas had four questions that he encouraged all of his students to wrestle with, and I give these to you students for contemplation as well:

1. What is Reality?

2. Who is well-off? or What is blessedness? or What is the good life?

3. Who is really the "good" person?

4. How does one become a good person?

Of course, as Christians, we believe that the Bible is the absolute guide to answer all of these, but God has also given us His Holy Spirit to guide our minds in answering these. God bless you as you consider and think about the future days of your lives. I leave you with the words of another philospher:

"Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days...."

Solomon, Ecclesiastes 12:1