First Baptist Church Blue Ridge Covid Response

Guidelines for “In Person” Worship  Sunday @ 10:45 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

  1. When you arrive, please enter the building and go immediately to the sanctuary. Please practice safe distancing! A smile and a wave will warm the hearts of everyone!
  2. Families should sit together, but please leave a 6 foot buffer in all directions between families.
  3. Masks and gloves are not required, but feel free to wear them if you want. Masks will be available from our Quilting Bees Ministry.
  4. Bulletins will be placed on the seats in the sanctuary; children’s bags will be available but will be entirely consumable – please take all items in the children’s bags with you when you leave except the clip boards.
  5. Restrooms will be open, however, please limit the number of people in the restroom to two at a time, and practice good hygiene.
  6. When the service is over, please exit to the parking lot to continue conversations.
  7. Nursery (age 3 and under) will be open. (This includes those who have just turned 4) Volunteers and children will be the only ones allowed in the nursery. Children will be screened for fever before entering.

Let us all remain prayerful and rest in the Sovereign control of our God.

Hope in God,

Pastor Bob