"If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water"

John 4:10

Adult Ministries

Men's Prayer
Women's Ministry
Sunday School Classes
Precept Bible Study
College Bible Study
Wednesday Night Bible Study

Student Ministry

Wednesday Youth Worship and Bible Study
Student Sunday Schools, 9:30 am
College Bible Study

Childhood Ministry

Welcome!  The Childhood Ministries of First Baptist Church are committed to providing a loving, safe, secure environment in which children can learn about God in age appropriate ways. We recognize the parents’ role as the primary discipler of their child as stated in Deuteronomy 6, and our desire is to partner with parents in the spiritual development of their child.  We want to help parents lay a foundation for faith through salvation and discipleship. Together with their parents, our goal is to help children become true disciples of Jesus Christ by building relationships with them, being examples for them and teaching them God’s Word.


We do this through age graded Sunday School, Family Worship (age 4 and up)  and Wednesday night activities that include, Missions, Music and Bible Time. Also, throughout the year we offer special events such as VBS, Music Camp, Fall Carnival and Morning at the Manger.

What to expect when you visit:

Wednesday Bible Time and Choir
Children's Sunday School

Music Ministry

The purpose of the music ministry of First Baptist Church is to lead our church in corporate worship during the music portion of our services.  We use the Worship Choir, Praise Team and Praise Band to lead in congregational singing.  While we strive for musical excellence our goal is never to perform but to lead the corporate body of Christ to exalt the Lord Jesus in song.  We utilize a variety of styles including tested hymns and contemporary praise songs.  Our songs have an easily discernible message and are presented in a way that seeks to emphasize content and doctrine over emotion and style.

Worship Choir
Praise Team
Praise Band
Children's Choir